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Payment Protection Fund - Multinational Forwarders Alliance (MFA)

MFA actively support to resolve payment related issues between our paid and secure members. Our payment protection plan ensures credibility to commit business between its members.

The Payment Protection is between Payment Protected members only so when you choose a company kindly check this or check with us for recommendations.

Presently Annual Payment Protection is kept at USD 30,000 this may vary from year to year depending upon claims and or upon additional Payment Protected Members opting in/or out.

If You see any unusual payment delay than your committed time frame kindly keep us informed within 1 month so that we can stepin to sort this out. If a Payment protected member does not initimate us about the payment delays beyond 2 months you will not be entitled to Payment protection fund However we will try our best to recover full or part optiing other payment collection companies wherein the charges or recovery agents will be deducted from your recovered Fund.

Hope Above is clear and if you require any more info kindly send us a mail on admin@multinationalforwarders.com